website design + Build

Websites are the world’s introduction to your brand, product, self or story. This is where it counts. A website project typically includes the following phases:

  • set project intention
  • conduct audience & competition research
  • complete site architecture
  • design
  • build and launch
  • track and measure

Brand + Logo Design

The importance of a well-designed logo for your company is just as important as that first five-second glance at your website. You can spot an amateur a mile away. But when you see a great logo you think “Legit Business.” Don’t be the former. Invest in the mark that represents you, your company, and what it stands for. 



There is no better way, in my opinion, to capture emotion, meaning, and tone quite like the art of photography does. When launching a new business or growing your existing one, photography can almost always play a role in taking your brand to the next level and engaging your customers instantly. Great photography isn’t the exception any longer – it’s the rule.


Print design + Collateral

Print design can take many shapes and forms. Touchpoints range from pitch presentations, business capabilities books, marketing pieces for industry shows, leave-behind pieces for your potential clients, business cards, and more. Now more than ever, print design will make your work stand out among the crowd. 


email design

Love it or hate it, it’s a marketing tool that works. And although there are fantastic templates to get you started with email marketing, your potential clients or customers might be experiencing you for the first time from an email — it should have the same level of design as your website. You’ll be rewarded by loyal customers.



Whether you’re looking for a professional opinion on your existing website to make iterative improvements, or seeking an advisor to walk you through the process of getting started on any of the above (it can be overwhelming — I get it), contact me for a consultation session.