i do all this...

because I love it.

I believe stories give our lives context.

I think New York is always a good idea.

I believe in working with, not for.

I believe in here and now.

In taking breaks and taking breaths.

And in life after love.


Good things take time...

It’s no secret that most of the world runs on deadlines. And life for most speeds right by. But, I believe great partnerships don’t come from “putting out fires.”  So things move slower here. We design and build with intention. Let’s put down our phones more often. Let’s connect like we used to. And let’s enjoy a bit of the ride. 


some background...

Over the past five years, I have had the privilege of working for FORT and Ologie, two of the most influential branding and digital agencies in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve collaborated with numerous clients, for many of which I was the main point of contact, project manager and/or lead digital designer. I have designed over 30 websites and been mentored by award-winning designers, developers and strategists.

In addition to Annette Furio Design, I co-own a wedding and event stationery company, Birdhaus Co. We work with brides, grooms, and their family members to bring wedding invitations and paper goods to life. It is exceptionally rewarding to design for such an important moment in someone’s life.

I hold a bachelor of science in communication with specialities in interactive design and video production from Ohio University. On-the-job training was an integral part of my education, and I finished school with three internships and two study abroad programs under my belt. 


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Photo by the wonderful and lovely @crystalsirl